Dead Bios Larkbox

Can this help with a dead Larkbox?

I don’t think this has got anything to do with changing the OS Selection menu screen from Windows to Android which rendered the whole system (display) unresponsive at the first place. For the record, the hardware is just a few days old and was working before the changes made to the OS Selection menu.

What is the HDMI connection has got to do with the OS Selection setting in the BIOS? These are two very different area.

This will only answers either:

  1. half-baked hdmi connector/cable without proper QC prior to production


  1. half-baked BIOS settings without proper trial and testing prior to production

Thank you for your effort. However, I wouldn’t suggest anyone buy the LarkBox in the future. The support is very poor and no one from the company has any idea how to fix this.