Does it run Moho pro 13 well?

We consider purchasing the Chuwi hi10 x with pen and keyboard. Does this run Moho pro 13 without problems? Moho is an animation program. 4 gb Ram is specified as the minimum and i3 generation cpu as another. I found that the cpu is better than i3. But a feedback is important before the purchase.

A “Core i3” is a very generic spec as minimum, since a laptop-model i7 can be (much) slower than a desktop-model i3 depending on the cooling. The Hi 10X has a Celeron N4100 which is Atom-based, and although it has 4 cores it is quite a bit slower than for example the 2-core m3 8100Y in some Ubook Pro’s (which in itself isn’t really a “powerhouse” by any means).

I’d lean to the “no, it won’t work well”-side, but it’ll probably run. Be sure to check if it needs AVX-instructions, because the older Atom-cores don’t support those.

Thanks. It is just that the minimum requirement to run Moho pro (Animate Studio) is 4 GB RAM (preferably 8GB) and the Chuwi Hi10 has got 6 GB RAM, whereas even Samsung Galaxy S6 Tab has got only 4 and most of those tablets definitely don’have more than 3-4 GB.
I don’t get how one can then live up to 8 GB since drawing requires a stylus which can only be used with a tablet? There is some other solution where one draws on a plate with some sensors but no image/screen, but that seems akward.

Do you know if one can use a tablet connected to a pc, and being run by the pc’s hardware?
I can’t really seem to find any info regarding the avx instructions, only ave instructions.

Most tablets run Android or i(Pad)OS, so the RAM doesn’t even matter. Moho Pro only seems to run on Windows or Mac OS X anyway.

I’m pretty sure it’ll work on the Hi 10X, but as far as performance goes all bets are off. It might work OK and then just take longer to render a finished scene (could be acceptable), or it might lag all the time while using it (unusable).

I’ve been impressed with the Celeron N4100 (Ubook Pro) in day to day use and it does run some unexpected things well (like small edits in Audition or Photoshop), but it still is an Atom processor so keep expectations in check.

If you want a tablet with Windows 10 that can definitely run Moho Pro well I’d recommend the Surface Pro line. There are Core i5-models with 16Gb RAM, those would run Moho Pro smoothly without a doubt.

Related to the tablet-connected-to-a-PC: I’ve been using Wacom drawing tablets for years on my desktop PC. It takes some time to get used to drawing on a surface whilst looking at a display, but after a while it does work just as well.

Ok, thank you for helping :slightly_smiling_face:

They are pretty expensive those Surface Pro. I got some feedback from Moho Support:

The minimum System Requirements are as follows.


  • Windows® 10 recommended * <<< Recommended Windows 10

  • 64-bit OS required <<< Key Requirement

  • 2.0 GHz Intel Core i3 or higher <<< Key Requirement

  • 4 GB RAM or higher <<< Key Requirement

  • 1.6 GB free hard drive space or higher <<< Key Requirement

  • OpenGL enabled GPU recommended <<< Recommended for best Preview Performance

  • OpenGL 4.1 supported graphics card required (1920x1080 recommended) ** <<< Key Requirement

  • Online connection required to perform online activation <<< Key Requirement

On the recommended are optional. The rest are Key Minimum Requirements. If the device does not meet all the Key Requirements then the software will not run.

Example… If your device does not support OpenGL 4.1, the software will not run. Some devices are only 4.0 Others are 4.2 or higher, but do not also support 4.1 (Rare, but some brands Drivers dropped 4.1 support) The software will not run.

I have doubt whether the i3 cpu and the openGl 4.1 requirements are complied with: Can not find this info. The atom processor is a Gemini- , not a Kaby Lake processor. Hard to compare. But not that different in efficiency. I see the clock frequency is set to 1.1 for the Atom processor and 2 for the other. THat might be ok if only having overload at times but not all the time. My 5 cents.

What do you draw? Animates?