Chuwi UBook or Chuwi Hi10 X

Hi everyone. I am planning to buy one of those tablets to use as a second, portable device, and I have some questions:

  • Is there a big performance difference between them because of 2GB RAM difference and SSD difference? Are there any benchmarks to compare them?
  • I will install Ubuntu on tablet, if it is okay to install Ubuntu for both of them? Is there any possibility to face with problems?
  • My daily workload is like this: Around 10-15 Chrome tabs (2-3 of them are YouTube tabs) and other 1-2 applications (not heavy, Microsoft Word like apps) are open at a time. Can both of them handle this workload? Even if they can, do they use all the resources?
  • What I expect is just a smooth experience (no freezings, etc.) with that workload, do you prefer those tablets?

Thanks in advance.

My opinion: Ubook Pro / X.
Chrome and Youtube are ram eaters.
In addition, the H10x only has 128GB ROM and no SSD.
The Ubook has an m.2-Sata SSD, which can also be exchanged / expanded if necessary.


Thanks. I know that Chrome and YouTube are terrible about memory consumption, but UBook can handle my workload with no problems, right? As I said, around 10-15 tabs (2-3 of them are YouTube tabs) other 1-2 simple apps will be open at a time.

I use the Ubook X. I rarely have 15 tabs on, but it works.
However, I use the Microsoft Edge. It also uses the Chromium engine and the Chrome add-ons. It puts tabs to sleep and frees up RAM and CPU resources. If you then bring the tab back into focus, the tab is back immediately.
What you should keep in mind, however, is that the N4100 is a low-power processor that is optimized for particularly long battery life and not for performance.

This means that everything is usually running, but a Youtube page can sometimes take 5-6 seconds to load completely. Switching to full screen also takes 2-3 seconds. The video runs smoothly.

For the price of the Ubook X, you won’t get anything faster!

Personally, I now use my Ubook X in the home office.
2. Monitor via HDMI, Citrix, Skype and parallel surfing on the tablet screen in the Edge, with 5-6 tabs works anyway. OCR with Abby FineReader runs fast and smooth.


I like my Hi10X, but it has a video jitter problem that makes Youtube unwatchable unless it’s fullscreen. Hi10X is intriguing to me because it works with MS pen protocol ie my surface and other MS stylii work, while the documentation I’ve seen of the H7 stylus says it’s Wacom chip and AEC protocol, so it works with both. Although I design with CAD comfortably on the Hi10X, I also digital paint with apps like Rebelle, physics-based watercolor, which likes RAM. I’ve got a Minibook that I like too, but that works with HiPen h3, not compat with Hi10X, rats, but that’s an ideological and convenience complaint, because H3 pen is smooth and responsive on Minibook, but then again, it’s got m3 and 16Gb RAM…