Fan speed in Corebox 4th


I just bought a Corebox 4th after having read some test about this product.
When i read the posts, people said that the Corebox was silent but in the fact, it’ not the case for me. The fan seems to always running at 100%.
Is there any way to change the fan speed or to make the speed adapted to the use ?

Thanks in advance for you help.

It seems that i don’t access to the advanced settings in the BIOS.
I’ve seen a Youtube video talking about the BIOS in the Corebox 4th and the guy says that pressing ESC will switch to the advanced mode including the thermal settings.
When i press the ESC key, the system just ask me if i want to exit.
I somebody could help, i would appreciate.


I only yesterday was playing with the BIOS on the latest herobox.
What I found on there was to activate debug mode using alt+F5, save and restart and enter back into the BIOS and I had the advance tab.

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Thanks for your reply.
I found the advanced BIOS with a linux boot USB key. The boot menu of the key includes an option : boot on UEFI mode. Once in the BIOS, i just had to press the ESC key to access the advanced BIOS.
I’ve tried to make some changes in the thermal configuration but no change regarding the fan speed.
If someone found a solution to decrease the speed (or the noise) of the fan, please let me know !
At the moment, the temperature of the NVME disk and the motherboard is around 30°C. With such low temperatures, the speed of the fan could be decreased and be quiet.


I tried the same thing on the Herobox using both windows advanced startup and from a windows install usbkey, with no success. The alt+F5 was the only thing that worked for me

And yeah, just like you, even when putting fanspeed to 0 on both triggerpoints, i heard no difference in fanspeed, it was still running as before.
And i’m guessing the low temperature has to do with the fan running so high keeping it low.

I’ve been trying to get my hands on a corebox 4th but still not selling in Europe.

Official answer: NO FAN CONTROL!

I had the same problem like you:

…and finally:

If you don’t want to complicate, maybe putting a resistance between the mobo fan connector and the OEM fan could be the solution.

PS: While I was testing the fans (OEM fan and Noctua fan), I realized that the noise problem was related with the speed of the fan but also with the finish of the cooler’s layers. The cut of the layers aren’t rounded and I think it make noise when the air intends flow among the layers. When you separate al little bit the fan out of the cooler hole, the noise decrease a lot.