GemiBook Pro 14 - right mouse click on touchpad isn´t working and the fan is running on full speed

I dont recommend this Method. Just install MSI Afterburner and setup the fans in the App.

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Does it work on Chuwi? and how to setup the app?

Yes it works with CHUWI, just click Yes everytime to install it.

I tried it but it didn’t work. it doesn’t make sense, that software is made to work on MSI hardware.

Same problem with the Gemibook Pro fan here, the noise it’s pretty annoying when you’re studying/reading…

I talked to Chuwi and they didn’t seem willingness to release a BIOS update which solve it and the Microsoft account login problem, so my device will be returned in order to get my money back because this issues (specially the fan one) make the UX very uncomfortable

actually I have default settings that come with laptop.. .

I have Core Book XPro and the same problem with a cooler It work on a maximum with a lot of nise. I know it can works normal but something happened.

How do I can fix this ?

MSI Afterburner doesn’t work for Gemibook Pro, it doesn’t detect any fan. I don’t know if is neccesary to change any option in the BIOS about the fan, although it seems that the options are for decoration. After a year my fan has started to make an exaggerated noise (it has never been a particularly quiet fan, it must be of poor quality)

I have default settings that come with laptop.. .