GemiBook Pro 14'' - USB-C Dock > HDMI


i’m using a usb-c docking station, to connect to an external monitor via HDMI.

The problem, is the picture flickering…

Any idea?

Possible to have a BIOS update??..Where can i find the latest BIOS for GemiBook Pro?


I use a 15 in 1 HUB with GemiBook Pro 14, and external screen with HDMI without flickering. I have 50Hz ( Belgium) and 1920x1200

and you use it with Ethernet 1Gbps at the same time?..

I’m asking you this, because when use only HDMI it works fine…but with 1GBps ethernet network at same time…picture starts flickering.

Can you test it please?

I connected my wired network through the RJ45 at same time without problem


and you are connected at 1Gbps or 100 MBps?

I don’t think that I have 1 gb