4K @ 60Hz anyone?

Has anybody managed to get 4K @ 60Hz to an external TV or monitor with the MiniBook? I have tried several adapters, some even modify the gamma of my monitor so that I have to unplug it from electricity to restore the color! The only adapter I found that works without hassle (but still outputs only 4K @ 30Hz) is the apple USB-C dongle. I have tried both the mini-HDMI and the USB-C output. My USB-C to DP cable causes instability - screen goes on and off rpeatedly without a stable image.

Mayne @Management can help?

I’ve been having the same issues - tried multiple dongles now - Am 100% sure that the minibook doesnt support displayport alt mode, hdmi altmode only supports hdmi 1.4a and it seems the hdmi port is 1.4a as well. I’ve emailed their customer support as their marketing states that it is capable of 4k 60:

“Built-in UHD Graphics 615, Boost up to 900MHz.
Easily handle 10-bit 4K VP9 online streaming and
smooth-like-butter 60fps 2K/4K video output.”

my best guess is that is intentionally misleading - that it can do 60fps 2k OR 4k not 60fps.

if that’s the case, I know a DisplayLink would work, but at a minimum of £80 for a dock that supports 4k/60 without the benefit of the GPU i feel a little ripped off and will be considering looking at options for getting a refund.

Does your USB-C to DP work at all? If it does, that might mean there is hope.

Write this to service@chuwi.com and see if you can get any advice

Not under windows. The 4K screen flashes between an image and a blank screen, cannot lock in a stable way