Ubook X 2O23 i5 4K can´t get 60Hz to work (solved)

The UbookX 2023 is advertised as 4K 60Hz capable, thru micro HDMI port. But I can´t get it to work over 30Hz. Not with the micro HDMI port or USB C hub HDMI cable (standard connector). Thew micro HDMI cable is 2.0 4K 60Hz capable. It is the Ubook X 2023 i5 10210Y 12GB RAM and 512GB SSD model. HDMI cable works 60Hz 4K with my notebook (standard connector). Has anybody else this problem?

I asked the tech guys here they are making tests here to see why it happens…will keep you posted

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My tech guys told me, that we made a mistake. I am really sorry, it seems we did not provide the right specifications for the product. They did the test here, and its true only 30hz, not 60hz ¿Would you mind to tell me in which place did you see this chuwi.com, aliexpress, amazon? so i can go straight and change it? I am sorry for that.

Hello. That is unfortunate and interesting, because even Intel states with the specifications for the i5 10210Y, that it supports 4K 60Hz. Well I bought the UbookX 2023 thru the Chuwi store. But probably everybody who sells your product, copied your specifications…so… But thanks anyway for your prompt answer and care. Have nice day.

Thank you for the info, i will tell my colleagues to change it, and check every other store. I am sorry :frowning:

Well truth be told, I knew what I was buying. Chuwi isn’t Lenovo, or Apple. And at this price points I knew there would be some trade-off’s and quirks. Even with the quirks and inaccuracies, it still holds its price performance ratio. Especially when I got this thing for 343€ on black Friday with the keyboard, stylus and a mouse as a gift. I just use this for web browsing, some light gaming, reading books and comics. And it does these things admirably. So it is OK. Thanks for your good work and the tech guys.

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Every year we try to improve, and i am very glad that you still like the product, and you will still be using it.

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You still didn´t change the description on the product page. Still advertised as 4K 60Hz. Try to improve…

Could you please send me the link, where it appears, because i asked to change but we have many stores, so maybe they missed one

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