Ubook X low native screen refresh (50Hz)

Hi all.
Is a shame this machine is superb in many kind but is solded with a ridiculous low screen rate, only 50Hz.
I tried to change it with cru software and others but i didn’t can.

Anyone did?

Any ideas to do it?

As this is a hardware restriction, there is no real way to upgrade this unfortunately :frowning:
Actually: It should be a 60Hz Panel, so you can try to up the refresh rate through Windows Settings.


I tried but there are no other option than 50Hz…
En 13 sept. 2021, en 20:48, C T via CHUWI | Official Forum <chuwi@discoursemail.com> escribió:

If you can not change through software I think you have hardware problem, my UBook X work at 60Hz since I bought

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У меня все такие же показатели!все ок