Ubook X low native screen refresh (50Hz)

Hi all.
Is a shame this machine is superb in many kind but is solded with a ridiculous low screen rate, only 50Hz.
I tried to change it with cru software and others but i didn’t can.

Anyone did?

Any ideas to do it?

As this is a hardware restriction, there is no real way to upgrade this unfortunately :frowning:
Actually: It should be a 60Hz Panel, so you can try to up the refresh rate through Windows Settings.


I tried but there are no other option than 50Hz…
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If you can not change through software I think you have hardware problem, my UBook X work at 60Hz since I bought

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У меня все такие же показатели!все ок

Here is mine:

So that’s mine…

Can you believe?

There are no options to chnge…only this

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How weird. No other frequency options are offered to me either, the only option is 60Hz. Your hardware appears to be 50 Hz.

In added, oficial support says me that is a normal behaviour cause we can,t not rise refresh cause touch screen Will fail…

My pone has a 120Hz refresh rate and Works flawssely!

Al least, all bullshit

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It could still be true. Your phone’s touchscreen is of course calibrated to work with a 120Hz screen, while the Chuwi’s is not. Usually the screen and touch digitizer are linked at the same refresh rate.

Maybe there really are different panels being used across devices, some with 60Hz and other with only 50Hz? :man_shrugging:

Obviously sure there are differents panels, some on 60Hz others on 50Hz

Anyway, chuwi ought to release a firmware to improve this….

Come on Chuwi! You’re solding a great great device…why you sabotage yourself with this poor screen implermentation?

You can , you must, to do better

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If a panel is built for 50Hz or 60Hz, it’s not always possible to run it higher without the risk of instability. Not everything can be fixed with a firmware-update :wink:

And yes, the Ubook Pro/X are great devices, but mainly because they offer a lot of quality for the very, very low price. There has to be some compromise to reach such low prices, and there are: Somewhat sluggish hardware, older screens (so lower refresh rates and higher power consumption, but very good colours, birghtness and resolution) and mainly lacking quality control. There are a lot of problems with Chuwi devices that are only forgiveable if you take into account their low prices.

Yeah I just bought one recently. It also says 50hz for my display screen. Maybe I’m old, so I don’t think it really affects me in terms of usability even if its 60hz