Minibook X 2023 50hz choppy ghosting

Just bought the new minibook x on n100, noticed strange, unusual feeling ghosting. Turns out, the screen is stuck at 50hz, and from I’ve gathered this panel is supposed to run at 60hz but was displaying white line artifacts, so chuwi locked the panel at 50hz. Any fix for this? The ghosting is very choppy/discrete, not the usual smear but a set of sharp trailing duplicates.
Edit: also, when scrolling white text on black background the screen flickers very noticebly.

Hello! I also got mine, the device is seriously great but i’m also facing the 50 Hz screen issue. I don’t have ghosting, but the 50hz lag is noticeable.

From what i gather, the monitor itself is capable of 60 Hz, but the Intel UHD only supports 50 hz modes for some reason.

Is there a BIOS update to fix this?

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Update: chuwi customer support gave me a zip file with windows 11 and told me to reinstall my system. I’ll probably try that later, but I’m pretty sure that wouldnt change anything.
What did help is the CRU Custom Resolution Utility (CRU)
Funnily enough this panel can hit 90hz with no issues and 120hz with image quality degradation. Tho i stayed at 60hz just to be sure nothing breaks.
Fair warning - use the “Exact reduced” mode in CRU or your screen will probably turn red and unresponsive.

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Hello! I also opened a ticket with them yesterday but so far no awnser. Could you share a screenshot of your CRU settings / the link to the file they sent you? I tried reduced mode in CRU but the screen turned a line mess even at 60hz

Just my luck. A Firmware update on Windows 11, it installed, the system rebooted and the Minibook X no longer boots. Anyone know if it’s possible to recover the PC or do i have to send it to warranty? :confused:

I’m currently using 90hz, cuz at 60 scrolling is still a little choppy, but at 90 everything is perfect…
I dont know if I got lucky or something tho



If all else fails, here’s windows, that chuwi sent me trough support POORD001442(234P1R)英文WIN11 Home
windows installation system tutorial(new)

Tho just a recovery flash drive could work, especially if you made a restore point before

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Is MS_0001 - Digital Flat Panel important? Because I tried CRU and then I reset it back to normal. I cannot see the name in the CRU anymore. I think I saw 3 displays before altering settings. Just wondering what it was and was it important. I still have the generic display active one.

I doubt it matters, just use whatever display shows up in cru.

Is there any BIOS update available to increase the refresh rate to at least 60 Hz?

None that I’m aware of. And knowing chuwi, there probably wont be. So its ether tinkering with cru or 50gz.

I talked with tech and they told me , that the reason why we limited to 50 hz is because (as also do many brands) it impacts on the Wifi. So in this case would not be possible to change. We did not create new configuration.

How would the screen refresh rate affect the wifi? Mine works fine on 90hz

Edit: no noticeable change in wifi speed on 90hz and 50hz
From what I heard the panel is locked to 50hz because it showed visual artifacts on higher refresh rates

I don’t think it would affect on the WiFi signal by the refresh rate but the battery performance will be reduced due to the higher frequency since the battery capacity is small from the factory.

While drastic changes is refresh rate (120-60Hz) would probably increase battery life, a change from 60Hz to 50Hz would be negligible. And since I use my minibook mostly while its charging, I can enjoy the slightly better 90Hz without downsides.
That said, the screen on minibook x in probably the worst screen I have ever owned, the colors and ghosting will be pretty bad no matter what you do with it.

Thanks to you Obamna, now I get 90Hz screen without any issues and I love it.


Would someone be able to export their 90 Hz config in CRU to a .bin file for me? Don’t have windows installed right now and this would help me attempt the fix on Linux :slight_smile:

Really appreciate this mate :slight_smile: