Ubook Xpro 2023 pen lag and unrresponsiveness, is it normal?

Hi, I received my Ubook Xpro (2023) with the keyboard cover and Hipen H7 yesterday.
The tablet itself is working fine, but when I try to use the pen, it lags a lot and only detect fast movements, when I try to move it slowly across the screen, it doesn’t register the click, the cursor moves, but with a lot of lag and the input is not registered.

This is specially noticeable in drawing apps (the main reason I bought this tablet), if you try to draw a line slowly, it doesn’t draw the line at all, only registers fast strokes, which makes this unusable to draw on it.

I tried with a linux live distro from usb and the problem persists, so it has to be hardware related, not windows, not windows ink, but the tablet itself, maybe the it uses some sort of smoothing that causes this and for artist like me, this is a deal breaker.

Is there any way to fix this or do I have to return the tablet and look for a better alternative?

Here’s a video of the problem (set as private video on youtube, I don’t want to talk bad about you, just want a fix).
Example of input lag and not registering clicks with hipen h7

Ok, so this is what I’ve found so far.
It is related to the screen’s digitizer settings, so, it’s something they can fix with an update, they just have to lower the smoothing settings like they did here and provide a way to flash the changes to the controller.

The smoothing settings are WAY TOO AGGRESSIVE, they need to lower them to make this tablet useable for artists or to even write on it properly.

Same or similar problem here

Did you finally fix it? I’m doing a return if it doesn’t work.

Chuwi support service could use some improvement… there is no phone here in Europe, just an email.

No, they didn’t fix anything.
And It could be fixed by an update, but they just don’t seem to care.

UBook X 2023 here. Multiboot windows 11, debian 12, FydeOS 17, BlissOS.
I download sketchbook app from Google play on FydeOS 17.
No lag, no issues, work perfectly.

Have you tried pressing the pen slowly? a soft stroke?
Does it register any input?

That’s our problem, you have to press firmly or draw a fast line for the pen to register any press at all, if you do it slowly or softly, it doesnt draw the line and that’s a BIG problem for artists.

I’ll try again and record it

Im having exactly the same struggle with the UBook XPro 2023 here. Is there any update on this? @Chuwi it would be great to have your help here