Minibook X N100 video output 4k@60hz?


I own the Minibook X N100 and I would like to connect my external 4k monitor through hdmi with 60hz refresh rate.
I got an Ugreen adapter that is capable of 30hz and it is working, however I would like to get an adapter for 4k 60hz. Is the Minibook capable of outputting 4k@60hz?


Hi Sebaschan,

With my Minibook X N100 I use an USB c to USB c cable to connect to a 4K display.
It works at higher than 4K (3840x2560) resolution at 60 Hz. I don’t have a USB c to HDMI cable that supports 4K @ 60 Hz. But I suppose that would work as well. Note that I’m using Fedora 40 and not Windows 11. That means the hardware support 4K @ 60 Hz, and I vaguely remember Windows 11 did as well.

Cheers, Jaap

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