Gemibook 13 Problem / Audio - Hdmi - Second Monitor - Drivers

I have bought two same Laptops (Gemibook 13) about a month before.
They having boths same problems.
First problem was the sound card that i had to found the drivers.

Second was, that we couldn´t connect a second Monitor (our TV) with HDMI, althought we had checked plenty of cabels and all worked and the typ-c adapter was ok. i had to search and find out that i had to change something on the drivers. than it has worked… but when i extended the both monitors come at the definition from 640*320 and for 55" TV is very very very low. I have tried to install drivers from intel and the installation broke everytime i had tried too.

Also i cannot transport through the hdmi cabel to TV the sound. It is not recognizing as external sound the TV at all. It is not showing it als playble device.

All those problems shows that is a problem with drivers or something?

Have i spend so many money to through them in garbages?

With my old laptops haven’t got that problems.

Have anyone same problems? Have anyone a solution?
Please help me out. @Chuwi @management

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i have found a solution

Can you tell how you fix the problems?

Which of them? about the sound card or the second display?
for both the solution is to install the correct driver.
for the display we are installing the active driver for the grafic card not the auto driver from windows.

I have Win 11 because windows update says is compatible. Now I tried to connect a display with USB-C to displayport. With no signal. In the BIOS 1.19.1268 i cannot active USB-C is greyed. I update the UHD 600 graphics with the last driver for Win 11. Which driver do you have?.

had you got the same problem also with windows 10?

I don’t try with Win 10.

have chech what it shows at the device manager for second monitor? is it monitor pnp general or not?

The monitor is PNP. The laptop and Win 11 don’t detects nothing. The USB-C don’t exist because in the Bios is not possible to active. Are you using Win 10 or 11?. Which Bios do you have?.

I trying now with Win 10 same result.

As i understood maybe is a hardware problem, when you cannot activate the usb type c port and do not recognize any device from this port. in this case you have to contact to the customer service. at another topic i have read, that someone had the same problem and he had to return it and repair it at the service. if i remember it well, there is also in Europe / Spain a technical service from Chuwi.

Before that connect this usb type c hub to another device (like a smartphone) and see if you can mirror your smartphone to your TV. if also there does not work, it means that also the type c hub, has a problem.

My problem was different. was the drivers of the grafic card. i install them and after that, both monitors get to pnp general.

What i also show is that some times of windows are not recongising some devices. all the windows N version do not recognise smartphones, when we are connecting them.
i realise all these differences, because we have two same Gemibooks, so i can do fast plenty of tests.

i hope that i had help you.

Finally with Win 10, without updated drivers detects usb but with limited conection. Usb can’t recognize the device. And appears Billboard device. Then Usb-C works. There are problems with drivers or bios. With fresh win 11 the system detects the laptop as Herobook Pro. I will try with usb c to hdmi because maybe the problem is the displayport.

i have the same problem with my sound , i install new original windows and the new windows can find what sound card have this laptop or what is the right drivers .
You know the solution with this ?
Thank you !