Gemibook pro 8gb n5100 doesnt turn on

Hi guys

I just bought gemibook pro two days ago and I got a confusing problem. When i try to turn on the computer the blue dot pops up but then vanishes thats why the computer does not start. It doesnt happen all the time yet it is very frequent. After tried many times I just let it go and try 10 minutes later again and it suddenly works perfectly. Do you know what is the problem. Any help would be great. Thanks

Hello, do you mean the machine blue screen?

What I mean is when you click that power button little blue dot that appears on the keyboard(and it means the computer has turned on) when i try to turn it on it(the blue dot) appears and vanishes. So the laptop does not turn on. However, I keep pressing the the power button 30 sec then I take my finger off the button and right away I press it again for 2sec. then the laptop turns on in a magical way. It is odd and I have no clue. It happens everytime I’m trying to turn on the laptop. I just want to press once and turn the laptop on :slight_smile: HELP PLEASE :slight_smile:

Is there any place that i can send a short video (sent it via email please check)

Hello, you can contact this email,