Gemibook pro Shut down and now black Screen

We got a chuwi gemibook pro 14" we watched some movies and it Shut down. Now its Not workin anymore, i cant reset it or anything Else… It Starts yes but it freeze with a black Screen after 5sec… I got a SD Card with the Windows Software for it but the gemibook pro doesnt detect it. It makes No Sounds. It freeze. Its almost new… But now its Not workin anymore… sad… you need to repair it or send us a new one or Just better get us Back our 300€! ( We live in Germany) @SupportOfficial @ChuwiService

You need to remove the back cover, access the battery connector, and unplug it.
Plug it back in, and boot up the computer

Hi, macht das Teil gar nichts mehr beim Starten? Kommst Du vielleicht über F2 oder DEL ins BIOS? Dazu beim Starten mehrfach die Taste drücken. Vielleicht musst Du die Bootreihenfolge ändern.