GemibookPro Audio not working after fresh Win 10 install

I just wiped up my computer and installed win 10 again and this time a bunch of drivers were not installed automatically, i found here on the forum backups that users made and that helped me install almost all of them. However i can’t install the audio driver it just won’t work i tried every solution that i found on the forum,and it was all to no avail. (downloaded drivers uploaded by the users, restarted in unsigned driver install mode, etc) has anyone found any solution i need the audio to be working since this computer is for work and meetings, thanks.

Just found the drivers from a Gemibook non pro post, will upload and dump the drivers in case anyone needs them

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I had a similar problem with an HI10. The only solution that worked for me was to delete the audio entries from Device Manager, there’s two - ‘Audio inputs and outputs’ (at the top) and ‘Sound video and game controllers’ (near the bottom), and then try re-installing the correct drivers. This fixed my issue, maybe it can do the same for you :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone,
I had the same issue for a month now. Fixed it buy downloading another ESAuDriver Device for example “ESAuDriver Device”. It also works on a “clean” Windows 10 or 11 installation. So what i did step by step was:

  1. Create a Windows Bootable USB (Version does not matter)

  2. Install Windows

  3. Your touchpad and sound will probably not work. You can use an external mouse.

  4. Instal Snappy Driver Installer (Will fix your touchpad and few other missing drivers)
    Select Drivers for your Laptop and press install. After the first run you will see “need a restart” so restart your Laptop and do another scan. Repeat until there are no drivers anymore listed.

  5. Download the ESAuDriver mentioned before. After that go to “device Manager - Audio, Video and Gamecontroller - ESAuDriver Device - Update Driver - Search on my PC - available drivers on my pc - volume…\disc… (bottom right corner) - find the location you safed the downloaded ESAuDriver”.

  6. Sound should work now.

Have a nice day everyone, hope that helps you!