GemibookPro Audio not working after fresh Win 10 install

I just wiped up my computer and installed win 10 again and this time a bunch of drivers were not installed automatically, i found here on the forum backups that users made and that helped me install almost all of them. However i can’t install the audio driver it just won’t work i tried every solution that i found on the forum,and it was all to no avail. (downloaded drivers uploaded by the users, restarted in unsigned driver install mode, etc) has anyone found any solution i need the audio to be working since this computer is for work and meetings, thanks.

Just found the drivers from a Gemibook non pro post, will upload and dump the drivers in case anyone needs them

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I had a similar problem with an HI10. The only solution that worked for me was to delete the audio entries from Device Manager, there’s two - ‘Audio inputs and outputs’ (at the top) and ‘Sound video and game controllers’ (near the bottom), and then try re-installing the correct drivers. This fixed my issue, maybe it can do the same for you :slight_smile: