Geminibook XPro N100 Charging problem

Geminibook X Pro N100 Charger
Hello I’m from Kenya, I bought my Geminibook X Pro laptop from
I plugged in the laptop to charge but it isn’t charging. The problem is not the charger but I think it’s the laptop. Where can I resolve this issue?

@manonegra222 maybe can guide you with some steps to check in further, and if its battery or anything that could be replaced maybe if we have stock could be sent.
Can you tell me When did you buy it?

It was last year, 2023, around August to September.

Write to my colleagues. They will help you.You need to do this.

You need to: Go to
Select your zone up corner right side(in your case is Global)
Menu-Explore -Contact us- Aftersales Service

-Fill the form aftersales

-Dont forget to write INSIDE in the message:

1-Serial Number /
2-Where are you from:
3-when did you buy it:
4- Where did you buy it with proofs(screen capture of the sale , emails etcc, for warranty purposes)
5-if you are willing to send if to HK in case it needs to be repaired (shipping fees from you house to HK is paid by you. The rest is paid by us.
7- Problem you have, basicallly the battery does not charge anymore, that you think is not the charger.Tell them exactly what is happening.Be as detailed as possible so communication is fast.

*They answer in 48h

Okay thanks

can you see a red pilot light next to the charging port when you plug-in the charger?
Is the light green?
nothing lights up?
do you still have some power from the battery?

No, there is no red light and the laptop is completely off there is no power left.

@theteleporter did you write to support as i recommended you? Maybe its a battery problem.

I’m yet to write to them.

I’ve written to them, but no response yet

they usually answer in 48h , although this week they are having more emails than usually. is possible in 72h. If no response by then tell me and i will ask my colleagues.

Okay, I’ll wait

It’s been more than 72 hrs and the customer service haven’t replied.

I just told my colleague. They will answer you. Im sorry.

Okay, thanks

Hey, your colleague hasn’t replied yet.

I am really sorry, she must have had a lot of work. The thing is that when i talked to her,after what you told us, she thinks it should be sent to Hong Kong to repair, because it may be a motherboard issue. Would you agree? if you bought less than one year ago its under warranty, you will pay the shipping cost to HK but sending back and the repair is paid by us.
if not everything is paid by you.
In this case i would recommend you, to take it to a repair shop, so they can see what is the issue, maybe it can be repaired in another way, and maybe finally is just the battery and we would send you a new one.

I did take it to a repair shop, but the repairman said that it’s like the power is not reaching the battery. So maybe I guess it may be the motherboard. So what steps do you advise me to take.

If I’d be sending it to HK, how do I do it?

Hey Maria, I tried to reply to CHUWI support but I get this message that the mail address is not found, what seems to be the problem?