HBook Pro no wifi


I bought a new HBook Pro and proceeded with the win10 install.
It got stuck midair and no wifi since,
Wifi directory is empty
How can I re-install win10?
Can you provide steps?



First you should download Windows 10 and put it on a stick. There are enough pages with detailed instructions for that.


You need a USB stick with enough storage space 8gb or 16gb should be enough.

Then you format the USB stick, insert it into your PC and follow the instructions here.

Then just add Windows 10 (see instructions on the Internet).


Now you can use the search function of Windows to enter msconfig and select the program

You can then use this to select the boot menu for a reboot.

Alternative second step:

Can you also do this via the settings of Windows 10, that would be easier for a beginner, there is the submenu item Restore and you can select that there, so that the menu for selecting a bootable stick should also start when restarting.


Now you restart Windows 10, a boot menu should open where you can select the inserted USB stick with Windows 10 installed as boot option.


Windows restarts and the Windows 10 installation menu opens, here you can select Repair and then in the following steps do the extended option, this will allow you to completely format the drive and select which drive you want to install Windows 10 (the 200+GB partition should be the one, the rest are just backups, you can ignore them).


Now Windows 10 should install itself, if you have the latest version on your USB stick you shouldn’t have to install many or no updates on the new windows 10, but check the settings anyway.

Attention: it is possible that 4 drivers are still missing, please check our forum, the management has uploaded the drivers. You can download this folder to your chuwi Ubook pro. Important is that you download the correct drivers for n4100 or m CPU from the forum of chuwi. Once you have the folders, right click on the Windows icon, open the device manager and go to the devices that do not have drivers, then select the folder you downloaded from the chuwi forum page for each device. And do this for the rest of the missing drivers.

!!! Do not use a driverbooster or something like that, this caused extreme power consumption and faulty graphics drivers on my system, so I had to reinstall Windows 10 again. !!!

If you have any questions, you can find most things in the net and the drivers here in the forum under the archives of Ubook pro.

Best regards


Buenos días. Descarga windows desde aqui:
Descarga la herramienta.
Sigue las instrucciones de Espíritu.
Cuando inicie el sistema operativo, por primera vez. Omite la cuenta de correo para la seguridad de windows, da problemas. (si lo necesitas, hazlo despues).
Ojo no actualices drivers.
Luego haz un respaldo de los drivers, con el programa doble driver.
Un saludo y espero haber sido de ayuda.