HDMI adapter for Surbook

Hi everyone, I would like to ask you advice to buy an HDMI adapter for my Surbook.

I am experiencing a problem with the graphic drivers (flickering monitor) and I hope I can mange fixing it thru the TV monitor.

Thank you!

The Chuwi SurBook tablet has video output through port C so any adapter or hub from port C to HDMI will work.I bought an Aukey hub on Amazon and it works correctly

Hi, I had read that SurBooks have problems with regular hubs/adapters since the USB type C port on the computer is slightly different (deeper) than normal.

I will try with an Aukey hub then… Do you think I will experience the flickering also on the TV I will connect it to?

It flickers so much I can’t even use anything at the moment. Can’t even see the mouse cursor and click anything.

Thanks for helping!

Never tried it with Aukey adapter…We suggest to take the Surbook to a local electronic store to find the right hub, then you may purchase it online.


My hub is a Dodocool like the one on the link and it works correctly on both data and battery charge. The HDMI is direct and my TV (Sony) recognizes it when connected. There should be no problem of image movement. Look in the Windows settings in case, on the second screen, you have a different frequency than normal.

I think this one: https://www.amazon.es/dp/B0774ND8DN/ref=dp_prsubs_2 would be a good option

Thank you guys for the info.

Isn’t it true that usually these hubs have issues with the deep Type C port our SurBooks are equipped with?

Just like with USB Type C cables, I can’t usually manage to charge the SurBook with anything different than the original charger and cable (which, in fact, has a long Type C plug). I have a Qualcomm 3.0 quick charger in my car too, no way to manage charging the tablet with that either.

I have not tried to charge my SurBook with any device other than the official charger, but what is certain is that it will only charge with chargers or powerbanks that can provide the requirements of your charging device, that is 12 Volts and 2 Amps. QC Qualcomm chargers and smart chargers are not compatible. It can only be charged with specific chargers for laptops