Help with Dual Boot with Ubuntu

Hi all,
Well I sent this question to the Chuwi help email address,


I have bought one of your Larkbox with windows 10 installed on the eMMc, but I have also put a M.2 SSD in the slot and want to put Ubuntu on this for a dual boot system, I have heard some horror stories about bricking the system with changes in the BIOS, so do you have instructions for this, or any pointers I need to know on having and setting up a dual boot system…

Much appreciated


And this was the answer I got back today……what the hell…???. How on earth does this help me…….:rage::rage::rage:


Could you send us the photos or video about your problem? We need more details about your machine problem.
Please send the screenshot of serial number on the back of your machine to us for confirmation.”

lol… what a shitty reply… as expected.

anyway if you still want to dual boot make sure you install ubuntu after windows because the bootloader from windows is known to override grub and mess up mbr. though you can technically install Ubuntu and Windows in any order but it is recommended to install ubuntu on another partition. btw windows driver sucks on chuwi larkbox they dont even actively update or fix them anymore. just clean install ubuntu.