Herobook Air “No audio output device is installed”


I formatted herobook and installed a windows lite ghost spectre. Windows itself installed the video and audio driver, however, it has this problem

Error: “No audio output device is installed”

Hi you could try the below to see if this resolves the issue
Try / Consider:

Start > Settings > Devices > scroll down, click Device Manager >

scroll down, Open Sound, video and game controllers >

If your sound driver is listed > Right-Click on the Audio > Uninstall (do not tick box to delete) >

Restart the computer (or, within the Device Manager: Action > scan for new hardware)

The driver will reinstall itself during boot / login.

If no joy:

  • Create a Restore Point

Stop all programs: Browsers, games, Applications, etc.

Control Panel > icon view > System > System Protection >

Click (Highlight) your main disk (C) > Select Create a Restore Point

  • Open your computer’s Website Driver Support page

  • Download the latest Audio Driver for your computer >

  • Open File Explorer window >

  • Open your Downloads folder (or where ever you have set to hold downloads)

  • Double-Click on the downloaded driver exe file to install >

  • Restart the computer and log in

  • Check results

So I can’t find the support site

Got it! I needed to update other drivers besides ESAuDriver, I’ll make a video showing how to fix it!


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Hey, I am facing the same problem. Could you please share how you resolved the issue? This will be of great help. Thanks a lot @vitindafixa .

! Solution !

  1. Download all drivers for Chuwi HeroBook Air: HeroBook Air China.rar - Google Drive
  2. Extract.
  3. Press “Windows”, search “Device manager” and open.
  4. In “Other Devices”, right click in “multimedia audio controller”.
    –Press “look for drivers on my computer”.
    –Press “Search”.
    –Select drivers folder (downloaded).
    –Press “Ok”.
    –Check “include subfolders”.
    –Press “Next”.
    –“Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology Audio Controller” has been updated.
    –Press “close”.
  • Now, repeat and update other drivers.
    –“Intel High Definition Audio”.
    –“Intel High Definition DSP”.
    –“I2S Device”.


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Thanks @vitindafixa a lot for your quick response. I tried this solution and it worked. I so appreciate your help.

However for some reason my laptop still runs into the same problem once in a while.
One solution that works for me is as follows:

Reset PC once > Issue gets resolved > Keep a restore point > Next time problem occurs, restore from that previous restore point.

For those who wanna know the process:

  • Search in the start menu, “Reset this PC” > Hit “Get started” & reset the os. This will take an hour or so. But once reset is done, the problem dissappears. The audio starts working fine. (All your files get deleted. But you just need to reset the PC once.)

  • After the pc is reset and audio works fine, create a restore point where you can revert back to whenever your pc runs into this same problem. And also by doing this you won’t lose access to your files everytime system is restored from the restore point. The process is quick.

To do this either search for Restore point at Start Menu or go to control panel>system and security>Security and Maintenance>Recovery>Configure System Restore.

Capture (1)

Create a restore point and leave.

The next time you face this audio issue, you dont need to reset your pc. Just restore from that restore point you created and the issue will be gone. Doesn’t take long and no files are deleted. Remember, when you reset the PC all your files will be deleted. When you restore from a previous restore point, no files get deleted. And restore point also helps tackle any other kind of problem you may run into in future and not just this particular problem. Its your insurance. :wink:

Hope this helps anyone who also is facing the same problem.

Swaviman Kumar

I have the same issue but it doesn’t work for my :frowning:
I am trying to contact you in discord @vitindafixa

This is my screenshot from chuwi with windows 10 LTSC
I can’t install drivers automactilly because it not even detect it

Dude, I don’t received no one message on discord, what’s your user name?

Obrigado, ajudou muito!!!

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I’m having exactly the same problem (No audio output device is installed), but for CHUWI HeroBook Pro. Can drivers from Air model be used on Pro model?
If not, do you know where to find the latest drivers for Pro version?

Thank you all!


Vc conseguiu? Poderia me explicar como fazer? Não tô entendendo nada

hey, can you help me to solve it?

Cara, eu fiquei o dia inteiro tentando resolver esse problema, consegui graças a você e ao gênio humilde que salvou os drivers e compartilhou, valeu mesmo!

Obs: pra quem ainda tá com problema, tenta restaurar o computador, indo na barra de pesquisa e em ‘restaurar’, faz a restauração sem baixar o windows e removendo todos os arquivos, depois disso segue o passo a passo que foi postado, baixando os drivers e instalando.

What’s going on in your case? Try to restore the machine without downloading Windows and removing all the files, then follow the step-by-step guide of Vitindafixa