Herobook Air WiFi Adapter Gone

Hi there

So I recently bought a Herobook Air laptop and was busy downloading updates and drivers for it last night. One windows update seemed to take ages. However shortly after that and rebooting the WiFi disappeared and laptop is acting like I don’t have any! The only icon in networks is the Airplane mode. I tried resetting the laptop but the problem still remains. The only devices under networking in Device Manager are miniport wlans. I just want my connections back! Help!

Are there any official WiFi Adapter drivers for this laptop that I can repair this with?

Hello, please provide the serial number and model number on the back of the machine, thank you

Do you mean this number? Or is it another one?

Hello, there are drivers and tutorials in it, please try to install the drivers, thank you

Happened to me also.
In device manager, “View->Show Hidden Devices” should reveal the wifi adapter that the OS decided was no good. You can then enable it again.
However, that adapter does not connect automatically when powering up the laptop, so each power cycle I have to manually connect. It is so bothersome that I bought a USB plug-in wifi adapter that works better than the built-in one.

Hi there. Unfortunately that didn’t work for me. So what iv done is brought an ethernet adapter as wanted to run Shadow Tech on the laptop. Works pretty well to be honest. I bought it as the laptop fit the minimum specifications without being too expensive.

This happened to me also. To get the wifi adapter to show again in the Device Manager,
I clicked View->Show hidden devices.
Then you can re-enable the device.
I find that I need to manually re-connect after power on form boot or hibernate.
The wifi adapter seems to not connect automatically to any remembered SSID.

Sorry about the repeat reply. The previous would not show so I thought it was lost.