HeroBook CW1532 download USB Files to reinstall windows

HeroBook CW1532 Ser# HeroBookQ64G19060931

Where online can I download the USB Files to reinstall windows as I have no access to windows
Thank You

Hello, there are tutorials and systems in it, please check it out

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Thank -you… but the instructions are not correct… The files need to be in the Root Directory…in the instructions, it does not say that… I knew they needed to be in the root as a IT Tech…Power On hit the ESC key will bring you into the CMOS and select the Boot Menu the Flash Drive will show up select it and boot off it and the computer will start the install and will see the window you have on page 3 of your instructions… if this is what you meant to say its not very clear for a non-computer person… Thank you for the link for the files