HeroBook Pro keeps rebooting into recovery mode

My Herobook keeps booting in a blue screen, then going to recovery mode.
Every action I can take in recovery mode: factory reset, boot repair, update removal, etc., fails.
I even tried initiating the recovery mode from an external Windoes pendrive and everything fails, too.

I don’t have any packaging or manual anymore, so I don’t have any Windows license key available, so I can not install Windows from scratch.

What can I do?

  • You do not need license key anymore. If Windows 10/11 was activated earlier using a digital license, you will get back the license again from the MS activation servers after clean install and internet connectivity. What is important is that you install same edition of Windows again. This will also be taken care for you if the OEM key is stored in BIOS. Installer will automatically pick the correct edition

  • Frequent boot into recovery might hint at possible hardware failure may be bad RAM. If you can note down the stop error search on the net for the same.