HeroBook Pro: not booting Linux

After figuring out how the booting was working (BIOS: Advanced, CSM configation) the boot parameters can be set.

I noticed that all Windows partitions on USB and DVD were booting fine, both in UEFI and Legacy mode.

For Linux the BIOS software would recognize the Linux partitions, but refused to boot from it, both in UEFI and Legacy mode. I don’t understand why this should be the case. The problem seems to originate in the American Megatrends BIOS software. I would consider it a (serious) bug that should be resolved asap.

CHUWI: I expect some swift action on the Linux boot issue.

Most likely you’re trying to boot an image which might only be for 64bit efi while herobook pro must be having 32bit efi, this just my guess as those devices which cannot boot linux directly are using 32bit efi.

You can try an image with 32bit efi or just try a 32bit linux image itself and see if that works.

I will try to look into herobook pro config to see if it is 32bit or 64bit efi as I don’t own any of the chuwi product but I try to help linux users with their issues.

Also try a different usb port or usb stick just to see if that helps.
Good luck.

Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for your support.
I tried OpenSuse 64 bits, both in UEFI and Legacy mode. Both USB and DVD. Those will work fine on other machines. I haven’t got a clue what is holding back the HeroBook Pro.
Thanks for the tip. I’ll try another distro this weekend.

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As it turns out the HeroBook Pro will boot Ubuntu.

The OpenSuse issue remains.

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OpenSuse, Debian, Arch and Ubuntu tested on mine, all boot correctly, are you sure to create rightly the USB device?

I hope so i understand. It is not a problem with Linux. Imo you should to turn off fast startup on windows settings.

Thanks for the tip.

At the end I tried various untilities to produce a bootable USB stick from the ISO file.
I got OpenSusue working using the USB utility provieded with OpenSuse.
It boots, it works. Unfortunately Linux doesn’t provide support for the WIFI device on the HeroBook Pro, which limits the system to a large extent. I’m not in the mood for compiling experimental drivers, so I will wait for better times when there will be a decent WIFI driver available.

Can you share the wifi module details? Maybe there is a firmware for it.

We can find it if it is available somewhere.

Here is the reason why i do not use Opensuse. there is always problem with that OS. Imo he should to try something like Ubuntu.

It’s the Realtek 8821CE Wifi.
There are some experimental drivers around, but I don’t want to lose my time over those. I will wait for something final.

I don’t fight Holy Wars over such unimportant things in life as an OS, and certainly not over a distro. :wink:

Btw, Ubuntu doesn’t have the driver (for the Realtek 8821CE) either.

There is EZ instruction with few commands for that chip for ubuntu/debian and for Arch by aur. He can find it in less than sec by google (i hope so cuz i using ddg)
But first off all he need to resolve previous problem, but in my opinion it is a pice of cacke. But in most cases im wrong :wink:

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