CHUWI HeroBook Pro Ultrabook 14.1 - Dualboot Linux Mint and Windows

Some days ago my Herobook Pro Ultrabook arrived.

I succeded with the installation of Linux MInt, but when I start Herobook, BIOS always takes Windows Boot Loader.
How can I change the BIOS settings, so that GRUB Dual Boot Loader loads so I can switch between Linux and Windows?
Can anyone help me?
Best regards

We’re you able to solve this? I want to do the same thing…

No, I was able to force BIOS to let me install Linux Mint from USB boot stick. But when I finished the process, the computer ONLY starts Windows;
The expected GRUB boot loader does not appear and I dont know how to proceed.

I am really frustrated.
Is CHUWI Herobook the only Notebook, that does not allow to load Linux

I never heard that there exists a computer system for common users that does not allow Linux!!!