Herobox - Linux Mint

Herobox is a wonderfull machine I appreciate a lot!
But how can I install Linux Mint in dual boot with Win10?
It is impossible to boot on Linux, neither on a USB KEY nor on a USB CDROM.
SN: 180G20041165
BIOS release: 2.19.1268 from American Megatrends
Thanks for you attention

Why do you say it is impossible?
Can you see the usb stick in the Bios?
Can you try to boot off the usb stick if you see it in the bios?

Can @Management confirm weather the Bios is 32bit or 64bit ?

I will be happy to help you will linux but I don’t really own the hardware.

I see it have been 6days without a reply so I hope you have it installed already.

Trying to load linux on these systems is a waste of time. I have returned mine. I am not jumping through setting up another linux box to make a special load of linux to install with.

I am not saying it is impossible, I am saying that I am not willing to invert many many hours of time to try and make it work. After 20 minutes of playing with it and checking the web, I have returned my system and will not be purchasing anything else from Chuwi. My time is worth something. I should not have to invest more than 5 minutes to boot off my USB stick that I have used to boot other systems into linux reliably. It should be able to plug it in, temporarily override the boot sequence and have it work. Period. OR find a how to on how to load it. Nope, I cannot find one and the fact that this has not been responded to for days now tells me it is not an issue the company wants to address.

First buy from Chewi - Last buy from Chewi.

Well… I slightly disagree with you.

After a time of disappointment, I tried other USB keys. The third one has been correctly recognized at boot. Linux Mint 20 starts normally and then I have successfully installed Linux Mint release 20 64 bits Cinnamon, in dual boot with the pre-installed Windows 10.
It is pretty pleasent to use both.

So it has not been a waste of time. Thanks to Chuwi’s helpdesk who pays attention to my situation.

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Where’s that? I am not from chuwi, I am just a community helper who tries to help users get linux on their devices while I don’t even own any chuwi device lol.

Good to hear that you got it sorted, yes some usb stick cannot be recognized in bios or bootable.

Enjoy your linux device.