Linux Mint 20.3 on Herobook Air

Easy install of Linux Mint on Herobook Air.

Here are the details: I turned on the Herobook and immediately hit the escape key repeatedly until the BIOS screen came up. I have the install dvd for Linux Mint 20.0, so I plugged the dvd drive into a usb socket and in the Boot section of the BIOS. changed the boot order so that the DVD UEFI choice was just under the Network boot. I saved and exited. The Herobook came up with the Linux Mint install (took a few minutes for files to transfer), then hit the install button on the screen, followed the prompts, and after awhile, the install was complete. (I did not want any Windows on the machine, but I could have easily done a dual boot setup). I rebooted, then upgraded a few times and ended up with Linux Mint 20.3. I installed a few apps. I noticed one glitch, which I have yet to resolve - the System Reports utility hangs because of an unrecognized byte as it is trying to collect information. The consequence is that I cannot upgrade to Linux Mint 21.0

I am surprised at the responsiveness of the system. I even handles complex graphics well, I can do everything on this baby that I can on my much more powerful desktop. A few things take a little more time, but after all, it only has 4 gb RAM. Great design, kudos to Chuwi.