Herobook wont boot

Ho un herobook pro ricevuto in dono, quindi temo senza garanzia, che non si è mai avviato. Accende solo la spia blu a sinistra. Ho provato a far esaurire la batteria per resettare il bios senza successo.
Sono quasi sicuro che il problema sia il bios corrotto. Ho un programmatore di bios, il chip è accessibile e riesco a riscriverlo. Dove posso trovare un dump da caricare?
Io ho anche un altro herobook pro identico che funziona, ma non vorrei aprirlo. C’è modo di fare un dump del bios via software?[In caricamento: IMG_20201110_233107.jpg…]
Il numero di serie è nell’immagine
Ringrazio anticipatamente

Il numero d serie è PQ256G19123086

I have a herobook pro received as a gift, so I’m afraid without guarantee, it never started. Turns on only the blue light on the left. I tried draining the battery to reset the bios with no success.
I’m pretty sure the problem is the corrupt bios. I have a bios programmer, the chip is accessible and I can rewrite it.
Where can I find a bios dump or file to upload via programmer.
I also have another identical herobook pro that works, but I wouldn’t want to open it, to mantein warranty, so i cant copy bios via eeprom programmer.
Serial number of pc is JHeroBPQ256G19123086, motherboard is GH116 and type is CW1514
Is there a way to dump the bios via software, so i can rewrite it in malfunctioning one?
Thank you in advance

You can make a backup with Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit 2.0
Don’t forget to make a backup of corrupted bios because it has windows key.

Thank you very much. I have a backup of old bios.
This night i try and let you know!

I’ve tried yesterday with gh116 file, but the .bin part is too big. Eeprom is 1MB of capacity, so i think is necessary a dump to direct write with eeprom programmer

1MB is EC memory, not bios.

Ok. I need to rewrite entire bios through ch341 programmer. Dump of old bios was 1MB.
Maybe i have to study program for writer, but i see only possibility to write 1 MB.

Are you sure you are working with a bios IC?

Terrible mistake. No. Wrong chip. I’ve to try and rewrite EC and then bios.
Thank you
Sorry for my … Idiocy.
You think is better i reflash my backup of EC or new one from chuwi?

Thinkin there is some of corrupted in my bios/ec

It is better to flash the old EC, if the laptop does not work with it, then you can flash EC from chuwi.

Thank a lot. I let you know

One more thing. In bios chip (!) I have to flash file .bin of chuwi package for gh116, correct?

In bios chip you need to flash an 8MB .bin file and pay attention to voltage - this IC requires 1.8V.
So you can damage it or flashing may be incorrect if you apply 3.3v.

My programmer should be ok, is a (clone?) Of ch341A. I think

If it has a switch between 3.3 and 1.8, then yes, if not, then it is necessary to remove the chip from the board so as not to damage the components that use the same power line.
Also, after flashing, you need to read the chip and check that the information in it is the same as in the file that you flashed .

In general, I would recommend taking adapter 1.8v SPI flash so that everything goes without problems.

Tomorrow i will receive adapter and try. Many thanks for now

Not good. I try to program with adapter (see photo) and chip is not recognized.
In extrema ratio i try to program whitout adapter. Chip recognized but i have error (see other photo)