HEROBOX SSD not recognized

Hi to all,

I need your support about the SSD upgrade that I’ve just done on herobox.

The SSD Crucial MX500 1Tb has not been recognized by W10. The hard drive in new and It has been correctly detected in the BIOS.

Can someone kindly help me to solve this issue?

Thx in advance

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Did you solve the problem?
I’m having the same issue. I have just bought a HeroBox Pro and I popped in a Crucial MX100 SSD (CT256MX1000SSD1) and the pc won’t recognize it. It won’t show up in Windows nor in the BIOS.

Can someone help? Is there any BIOS update that can solve the issue (or is it in the works)?
Thank you.

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I have managed to make my SSD detectable by the BIOS.
These are the steps to follow in the BIOS:

  • In the “CHIPSET” tab enter “PCH-IO Configuration”
  • enter “SATA And RTS Configuration”
  • under “Serial ATA Port 1” and “Topology” option select “ISATA”.

After this I saved the BIOS and Windows 10 finally could detect the SSD!

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I was able to get the BIOS to recognize my SSD.
The steps to take in the BIOS are as follows:

I dont have the option CHIPSET in the bios of Herobox…

I try to install a Crucial 500gb SSD disk and Herobox doesnt recognize him…doenst show in the bios