Hi 8 Model CW1509 Touch screen does not work with win 10. Need windows 8.1

Hey @Management, I want to restore the original version of windows 8 that the tablet came with and so I’m am requesting the windows 8.1 firmware for the tablet.
I have tried many versions of windows 10 from this forum but the touchscreen does not work. I have the double driver backup for the windows 8 and so I will try windows 8. Unless of course you can assist with getting touch driver to work on win 10

Give me your serial number and will try to find them as it is super old

Hi8 Q32G22151000500 Thank you
I purchased on amazon, with dual os win 10 and android 4.4. I would like to use win 10 only but touch driver does not work, so I will try the win 8. But any other help will be appreciated.

These are the original files:

Thank you for your swift response. I will attempt an install today or tomorrow and provide feedback.

Good day, I spent about 6 hours trying to flash following the tutorial on the word document.

Flash process fails at 5 %.

Os failure . Adb enum

I am pressing the volume + and power. It says entering dnx mode, waiting for fastboot command.
Do I need to input some command to get to fastboot

Please note that I no longer have android on the system. I have windows 10 only which formatted the android partitions. Is this what is preventing flashing.

I think maybe @manonegra222 could help you on this, as this is quite old model.