Hi10 CWi515 Android failure

Hi my android system seems to be stuck in a boot loop and will not turn on.
I tried the power + volume down to try and repair but it doesn’t work and just loads the windows or andriod screen.
i tried to flash the device using the files on the forum but it failed too:
“\HI10 16 12月android 8350\HI10 11月安卓固件8350\flash-no-erase-all.json [update] loaded
10/07/20 15:58:24.527 INFO : [Port 1/1/4] Start flashing the flash configuration with pos start state for EMMCAAE7E8F2
10/07/20 15:58:24.528 INFO : [Port 1/1/4] Don’t know how to reboot device EMMCAAE7E8F2, state is ‘dnx_os’
10/07/20 15:58:24.528 ERROR : [Port 1/1/4] Failed to reboot the device”

Can you help?
the serial is: Q64G42161200084