Hi8 SE stuck in bootloop, need help

I have a Hi8 SE CWI531 tablet that was running android 8.1. I had used adb fastboot to unlock the bootloader and was trying to flash a custom recovery so I could root the device. The last attempt I made, I flashed the boot, recovery and system .img files I had downloaded to the device and now it is stuck not able to boot. The Chuwi/Android splash screen comes up when you try to turn the tablet on and after a few seconds it restarts the device and continues to do this repeatedly leaving me unable to connect to my pc to try to fix this. what can I do to solve this issue? Thanks in advance for any help that can get me going again.

Try to press volume up+power or volume down+power, you should enter in DnX mode. In this mode you can flash original android.

I have already tried this and it does not work, I am unable to enter recovery mode or DnX mode. When i flashed it before it was using adb fastboot but I am unable to get it to enter fastboot anymore either. Thanks for the help though.

Please write to service@chuwi.com.

Ok, I will do this. Thank you.