Chuwi hi10 pro boot loop after windows v2004

Yesterday the windows updated to v2004.
I used for youtube etc.
Today morning the tablet can’t start , just stuck on the chuwi logo.
I can go to bios, reset it, go to boot menu(F7) but can’t boot to something.
I tried windows installer pendrive and linux live pendrive. SAME nothing. The pendrive flashes once when i power up and that’s all.

Please copy it to

Make sure the USB C connector is deeply connected. The port is very deep and an imperfect connection will prevent the boot from the pendrive

same with the keyboard usb port. I tried the winpe pendrive-offical windows, still frozen on boot screen. I wrote an email to all of the chuwi support email addresses so maybe they will responde.

Check that the bootable USB flash drive is well built with the help of a PC