[Hi10 Pro] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 Pro Windows, Android, Bios, Driver, tutorial Download

Hi. Is possible update link for Chuwi Hi10 Pro Remix OS 2.0? The link given doesn’t work.

Hi Chuwi . I had delete the window partition. i want to use only android after that my tablet Chuwi Hi 10 Pro cannot go to recovery mode do you know how to fix it now , I can’t flash new firmware of android version , Now it stock here when open the tablet

, Help Me please …

Hi, a long time ago I deleted the partitions of my Chuwi (HQ64G42180102890), now I want to reinstall the android, I was testing with versions 2018.03 and 2017.11 of this post, but when flashing as the tutorials indicate I get the following error messages:

Please your support to solve the problem.

Disable driver signature verification and reinstall intel flash tool (with android, dnx, usb flash driivers).
Try to use latest flash tool GitHub - projectceladon/tools
Also try a different cable or flash the tablet on another computer with a different windows.

Thanks for the prompt reply, I tried installing the latest flash tool previously disabling driver signature verification. I have also tried the same procedure on another PC and with another cable but I have the same problem, any other suggestions? Thanks!

At 25%, the tablet reboots to fastboot and it looks like the driver for fastboot is not installed correctly or the tablet has a problem switching to fastboot.
Make sure that the tablet after rebooting from DnX mode is detected as fastboot device or as intel AD in device manager.
You can also try to format the entire memory using any USB bootable partition manager.

Hi, I have detected that when the tablet restarts, the driver appears in the device manager but with problems (Cherry Trial CR), the problem could be due to this? How do I know which is the correct driver?


Try installing these drivers Intel® USB Driver for Android* Devices

I installed the driver but had to manually change it from device manager to Intel Android AD and it already worked. Thanks for the support!!!

Can i upgrade my chuwi hi 10 pro from 5.1 android to another more newst ? @Management

Any one did it by the safe way ?

Hi (maybe this topic is correct for my question), a couple of months ago, after the last windows update, something gone wrong with the usb used for it (not enough space on the pc).
The usb became useless and the update couldn’t proceed, I’ve got this message “insert the usb to continue the installation”, even if it was connected.
Anyway, I’ve tried to instal it from microsoft using a second usb but nothing, with F7 I could only make a clean installation but I’m afraid to loose my office license (bought just for that pc).
Do you think I could try again with Hi10 Pro Windows(2017.07)?
my HI10 is Hi10 HQ64g421707009.
Thank you