[Hi12] [Official Version][Dualboot] Chuwi Hi12 Android, Remix, Windows, Bios, driver

Thank you for windows drivers, after applying windows image everything is working fine and don’t have to install any driver, but on my android system front camera doesn’t work so is there any android driver for it or I need install different android recovery? I already tried install different android recovery file and both cameras were working but touch screen didn’t.

Hi there, I need help.
My CHUWI Hi12 Dualboot, after I reset window 10 (selected remove all files), display other user, cannot login, safe mode also cannot run as usually.

Plan to reinstall win 10. Can guide me?
Model : CWI520
Hi12 Q64G45161100108

Hi Leong can’t see any windows image exact for your tablet number but you can try windows image from Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot (20161008) Download, hopefully is the same until they change processor to z8350 and serial numbers started from 170xxx. All you have to do is download windows image there is few .rar files, format usb pendrive to NTFS (probably need 16gb one), unpack .rar files to formatted pendrive, plug it to tablet or keyboard dock usb port and start tablet and go to the bios - keep pressing Esc right after tablet is on. When you in bios find “override boot” should be in last section of the bios named “save and exit” there should be your pendrive. Choose it and press enter. Tablet should boot from pendrive and all process should go automatically by itself.

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I have a HI12 cwi520 SDHI12Q64G45171105508 tablet.
In single boot windows 10.

I would like to install android, I don’t use windows.
Which version should I install?

Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Leong this link works just fine for me: ----==https://www.mediafire.com/folder/67moeaar7z1m4/Chuwi_Hi12_Dualboot_Windows_20161008==

Hi12 single boot firmware:

Good morning, thank you,
but the connection doesn’t work, I think.

Something appears to be missing…

Hello dear,As for Hi12 single boot,maybe you can only use windows.

If somebody need drivers,and this is the link:

sorry part3 cannot be download

Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot Windows (20161008)
https://www.mediafire.com/folder … ot_Windows_20161008

Yes you are right part3 doesn’t work. Management can you update link for part3.rar, please?

https://www.mediafire.com/#geo4zptau4wt8 You should download it one by one.

I download one by one, until part3 cannot be download.

You need to use VPN.

the URL go to Mediafire home page.

Looks like we stuck in blind corner and nobody can upload missing part3. I did try clean install win10 ver 1809, the newest 1909 is 10gb fatter so can’t see point to install it on 64gb disk. I found driver pack for my tablet and only front camera doesn’t work. Going further I tried install Lubuntu 18.04 using customizing script isorespin.sh from linuxium website to make iso for atom based tablets. Nearly everything was working apart from cameras and sond. For sound I found workaround but not the easiest solution. Also can’t change resolution and get full screen picture but finally found way how to scale picture to 150% and now everything is big enough to use it. So I eded up with 30gb partition for win10 and 30gb for Lubuntu. To start linux I need to use keyboard and always press F7 to get to start menu, there I can choose ubuntu option.

Also,you can try this one:

Hi. My tablet version is HI12 Q64G45170900557. Which links will works for me? Thanks