HiPad Max-Need firmware

I tried to flash the firmware I found on this site posted by KimLe https://forum.chuwi.com/t/chuwi-hipad-max-rom-firmware/38239, but it results in the screen not functioning
The system definitely boots into android as I can lock and unlock the screen and it makes the sound, but nothing shows on the screen.
Even trying to go into recovery or fastboot shows blank lit up screen, so my only choice is firmware.

hello i have the same problem ;pls have you find the firmware ?

hello are you have the firmware of hipad-max-680 plz ? the first 1 not work same as user phoeinix1 …

I will try to make backup of tab…I’ll keep you noted…

thankss . i waiting …
gud luck

hello ,i have the same problem :frowning: do you have find a solution ?

hello sorry but it’s about firmware ,have news :slight_smile: ?