HiPad Plus does not recoginize Bluetooth keyboard with Touchpad

I can’t use a Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad on HiPad Plus.

To be exact, Bluetooth pairing is completed normaly.
However, I cannot enter any keys. The touchpad also doesn’t respond.
It doesn’t seem to be recognized as a physical keyboard and touchpad.

The genuine CHUWI case with keyboard works fine.
However, this keyboard is connected with CHUWI’s own connector, not Bluetooth.

My HiPad Plus is Android 11.
Does anyone have the same experience as me?
Does anyone know a solution?


I have the same problem since the beggining. The pairing is ok but nothing works after that. Android does not detect the keyboard in parameters.

I tried my bluetooth keyboard with different android or windows devices and it always worked. But not on Hipad Plus.

I am still looking for a solution. Maybe an external blutooth usb type c key. I don’t know if the problem is coming from the bluetooth or the software as there were no updates since the beggining.