Hi10Plus Keyboard works/fits on Hi9Plus?

Hi, everyone. I’m new here and need some help from you, guys! Probably I will get a new Chuwi Hi9Plus very recently. The thing is… I don’t like Hi9Plus Keyboard because it doesn’t have built in touch pad. (You’ll need a separate mouse)
I’ve checked the Hi10Plus Keyboard on internet and it comes with touchpad (looks perfect to me).

I Know they both have different Operative Sistems, but the fact that both of them have 10,8" size, make the Hi10Plus Keyboard compatible with Hi9Plus?

I’m looking not for a any standard Bluetooth keyboard, but for one that matches with Hi9Plus in size and functions, and fitting on the Chuwi Hi9Plus pin connectors (Keyboard or Keyboard+case). Thanks.

It is not possible to use the Hi10 Plus keyboard on the Hi9 Plus, the connectors will not match and will not be compatible.
Since you don’t want to use a generic Bluetooth keyboard, you can find universal case keyboards with USB C connection on the market, but I haven’t found a trackpad

Thanks manonegra222. I don’t mind to use a Universal case + Keyboard on the usb-c port. The main problem is to find one that matches with the Chuwi Hi9Plus Size (10,8").