Hipad pro help please

Anyone with the same problem as mine?
Bought One, worked 1 month, stopped working, sent for repair, One month later they Said that couldn t repair because they didnt had spare parts. Send back to china. Its been Over 3 months now.
No messages, no suport, no one knows nothing, no refund no new One. Looks like a scan.

I need help please.
How do i resolve this?

I think you should contact the shop that send your Hipad Pro back to Chuwi in China. And ask them to get the time line when your device will be fixed and returned to you.

I had no experience returning any mobile devices back to the manufacturers. All I do is fix everything by myself. When I was in the US, I returned 3DLABS graphics card for repair within the warrantee. But have never seen it since then. The best solution for returning the device is by getting the replacement from the local shop that you buy.