Hi everyone! Can someone help me. I was using my HIPAD X when suddenly it freezes/hang. I shut it down but unfortunately, it’s not opening. I did try to reset, charge, dock it in its keyboard but still nothing happened. Still black screen.

Have you tried to hold both Power Button and Volume Down for 11 seconds ?

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Yeah, I’ve tried that also. Still not opening.

well, have you tried different combination of wire and charger block, making sure its a 2.0A, wires type c high quality of 3.3ft/1m. Make sure the inside of the type c is clean, try to hold the wire in there and very gently move it a little upward, when the screen is sitting upside. Last tablets of random brands i saw doing that, was the wire or connection of it not charging. Best of luck and please keep us posted.

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Como puedo corregir esto?

Borrar eMMC
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Se puede corregir y aplicar la restauración de fábrica?