How to safely open tablet, I have a loose display cable

Looks like I have a loose display cable.
All functions of tablet are working including the backlight but the display doesn’t not display anything until I press on both front and back, then it will show up. If I bend or twist the tablet again it will go blank until I press both sides again.

What device are you talking about?
HiPad X, Plus or Pro?

Never, just got in, I think the model is CWI520.
Cable was loose on the LCD end.

CWI520 is Hi12 Windows Tablet. You probably post on the wrong forum.
I found the link to Hi12 forum here.

Usually open tablet will need a heat gun with around 150-200’C and heat around the front panel. The glue that attaches the front display will melt allowing you to use a credit card to open it. Doing this will void your warrantee and need to be very careful when opening the display.

HiPad X
Back on my tablet says type:cwi520.
Front panel is just clipped to the front glass.
This is the 8 core Android with 6/128GB RAM/ROM.

According to my google search CWI520 is Hi12 from this link.
I usually use heat gun to melt the glue on the front panel and use plastic card to open it.