HiPad Pro CW1526 How to dismantle and change battery?

How to dismantle and change battery for HiPad Pro CW1526? Can’t find in google. Anyone done it or see a video on how to do it?

I will see if tech has some pictures to send you. Will answer you on Sunday, as now we are on holidays.
Did you check on Reddit? usually there are many useful post there

If there is something related in Reddit, it would show up in google search. But there is nothing. Would be good if there is a video on how to disamantle HiPad Pro CW1526 on youtube. But there is none. Totally have no idea how to open up, not to mention how to change the battery. BTW is it possible to do something like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5wNk-blRC0 ? My problem is the screen is blank when I power on or when I charge. I do feel it vibrate when I power up but I only see a faint backlight but nothing else. I assume my problem is the battery died but it might be the screen that is faulty. Or is it firmware corrupted? The problem mention in Chuwi HiPad Pro white screen help - #4 by Debora fit my problem exactly. But there is no solution in that thread so I am struck. First instinct is open up unplug and plug back the battery and hope everything work fine. But have no idea how to do it.

i will see if i can explain to tech,i would appreciate if you can send me a video of whats happening so will be easier for understand,

Have uploaded the video as requested. Compress many times because max only accept 10MB so a bit blur video. Power up on only see backlight. I assume problem is battery so best open up to see if reset battery will help. Pls show me how to open it to reset the battery. Thanks.

In case u need the serial number, it is shown in the picture.