HiPad Pro bricked after update

I am new on this forum. I just buy an HiPad Pro. It is a beautiful tablet.
I have just received my HiPad Pro. After the first power up, I walk through menus to reach the update page. Battery level was at 86%. An update is available and I procced to the installation (for memory the update is about 40MB).
At the end of the update, I reboot the tablet but the screen is still black :frowning: . Only a little backlight is on.


  • Battery level at 86% and power supply connected
  • No SIM card, No SD card
  • No Google account
  • French configuration choosed
  • Bluetooth keyboard associated
  • No application installed (because it is just a fresh power-on)
  • Wifi activated for the update of course

Is there anybody who are facing to this issue?
How can I recover the tablet? I tried vol+ and power-on without success :frowning:

[update 1]: a long press on power switch doesn’t shutdown the tablet. The backlight is still on. I guess the tablet is rebooting always.
[update 2]: touchscreeen seems to work properly because I hear the sound when I touch the screen. I think that I touch the numerical keyboard used to unlock the system, the one which is displayed after Android is started.

Thank in advance.

I had this error described here

Thank you for the reply.
Because I have no display, could you please say me how much I should have to puch on vol+ (or vol-) touch?
And if someone know the time take by the HiPad Pro before to have the recovery menu, it could be a great help! :slight_smile:

In fact, I am blind because I don’t see the Android bootloader. I try various key configuration (vol+, vol- and power-on) but without success :frowning: I also try vol+ and power-on without success.
I realy don’t know how too fully reset the tablet

Usually holind vol - and power until there is some flickering on the screen should reboot the device. If there is nothing going on, you need to open the device and unplug battery and plug it againg to reset.

Or you need to fastboot from PC to factory reset and reboot system.

Yes, I have in my mind the same idea. But I am very afraid that the tablet goes into a “bricked” state one more time. The only fact to shutdown/restart the tablet and the screen is still black on the power-on :frowning: . It is a very poor software quality :sleeping:
I can hardly recover the tablet and I realy don’t know what is the real process; I just push some button in “blind mode” because the screen is still black. I know the tablet is working because I can see a backlight. I recover the tablet after few hours and a lot of tests!!
I can’t have the Android bootloader menu like (extract from Web):

About the batttery, I can’t open the table. Nowaday, everything is integrated and the tablet is also under warranty :slight_smile:

What is your tablet state right now? Can you enter recovery mode or fastboot mode?

If your tablet still in warranty, you should not open the tablet for discharging battery. Doing this will probably void the warranty.

Right now, my tablet is functionnal as long as I don’t shutdown it. If I request a restart/shutdown, at the power-on, the tablet is with a backlight only but I haven’t interface that works. I just restart it and I have now the backlight. It will be difficult for me (one more time!!!) to recover the tablet :sob: It should be done in few hours!! :unamused:
Last time I recover the tablet, the system was always intalled; no need to perform all configuration steps (language, wifi connexion, …)

I haven’t no fastboot mode (only the backlight without menu). Power button works as expected: I can On and Off the tablet). But the screen is black (with backlight). I guess to have lost the bootloader (fastmode) if it is possible?!?

The next time I recover the tablet, I will try to reset it with adb command. It is my last idea. But even by doing so, I am not sure to get the fastmode again :thinking:

My solution for this is to flash upadted Stock ROM which is still not released yet. So right now if your device still boot up, you should keep it up like this until flashing the Stock ROM and factory reset the device.

Maybe your bootloader is still locked. So you cannot enter fastboot mode yet. I am not sure wheter or not there is specific method to unlock bootloader for Hipad Pro. I will unlock it as soon as I can. I usually flash GSI ROM that suits my needs. If you also want to unlock bootloader, you should be aware that your warranty will be void.

13 days and no Chuwi’s employee gave an answer ???
Is it a joke?
Are they only working in “one shot”, that kind of sale method does not work very well in Europe…

maybe ! :thinking:
Whatever their strategy, it is not a good thing regarding other big manufacturers like Xiami! :wink:

To go ahead in my research, I observed that I am able to recover the table after to power-off it AND after a night is elapsed. I mean that if I power-off the tablet and I power-on it few minutes later, it is not enough to recover the tablet. I still have the backlight on screen.
I suppose the tablet is not realy power-off but in a “sleep” mode (or deep sleep mode) and the consumption is too low to avoid the tablet to start again in a “clean” state.

Hello. Unfortunately, the tablet hangs again with the transition to a black screen with the display backlight on. This happened again when scrolling the page in the Chrome browser. I can get out of this only after a long press of the POWER button and restarting the operating system. Filmed the procedure on the phone.
I give links: 1). HwVideoEditor_2021_08_29_143402743.mp4 - Google Drive
2). Google Drive: Sign-in
In the first video - after a long press of the POWER button at 16 seconds, the screen backlight goes out and at 19 seconds the tablet operating system starts loading. At the moment the Chuwi logo appears on the screen, I release the Power button. After loading the operating system, I draw your attention to the date and time string. Date - January 1, time at 3:00.

After another crash of the tablet operating system with a black screen with the backlight on, I added a new video trying to restore work. I am waiting for a response from Chuwi specialists and the release of an update or a patch by fixing bugs.

Usually Android devices will be on even though you turn it off for maintenance. That’s why if the device hard bricked, there is another method to hard reset by unpluging the battery.

From reading many feedbacks for this device, I guess many issues incurred by the current OTA update. I would suggest to wait for the official firmware for updating.

Until now, I have not received a response from Chuwi specialists to my message. I stopped hoping to update the operating system of the tablet and fix bugs. Judging by the forum, this is a common situation for this company. I bought the tablet as a gift, but having received a negative experience of test operation with repeated freezing of the operating system, I returned it back to the seller.

Just to share my experience about this issue:
I return the tablet to the seller. This one sent me a new one but I haven’t test it. I hope that a new ROM is installed which fix some bugs. I am not confident about that due to the short time I received the new one.

One more question: does Chuwi must provide the ROM’s source? Because the OS is base on open source, I thought it is the Google policy, isn’t it?


I have now received my new Hipad pro. I am a little bit afraid to update it because of my previous experience !! :thinking:
I don’t know how long we have to waiting for a new ROM?

Best Regards

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