HiPad Pro Flickering Screen

Hi all.
My Hipad Pro just arrived. But sadly, since day one, the screen is constantly flickering at all times. Doesn’t matter what app I am using.
I have tried factory reset, disabling the auto brightness and also disabling GPU overlay.
Nothing seems to work.

The problem also occurs in Safe Mode and even during boot sequence (when Chuwi logo appears), which makes me think that it should be a hardware problem. But on the other hand, the flickering appears to increase it’s frequency as I install apps. For example, short after the boot the screen flicker (blink dark for a split second) around 5 times a minute. But as I open email, install apps and open Kindle software it starts to blink really fast. Like 5 times every ten seconds. That makes me believe that it might have something to do with battery, temperature or memory.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

The tablet is brand new, doesn’t show any signs of damage to screen or any part whatsoever.

Not have this issue but I haven’t play with it too much. I have another issue :wink:
Be carefull to the update if you don’t yet perform it! See:

Thanks. I also updated the tablet upon first use/configuration. I am not sure if the problem started with the update, since it was one of the first things I did with it, together with Android login/config.

I would appreciate a way to downgrade this last update to check if it have something to do with my problem, but apparently there is no way to downgrade it.

I would advise you to return it back to the store

Yeah. I was trying to avoid that since I’ve imported the tablet and payd the propper custom taxes… So the process of sending it back, besides being a a lot of work, would probably render the taxes I’ve payd money down the drain…

You will at least get some of the money back, it’s better than being left with a broken tablet and no money

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I have not update my Hipad Pro via OTA yet. Waiting for the official firmware with flash tool.
Not having your issue yet. If you still have this issue going on, I would recommend factory reset your device.

On my side (see HiPad Pro bricked after update), my tablet is now without any display. Power-on/restart (after long press) is OK but no logo, no Android, nothing … :sob:

Have you tried factory reset? I guess this issue is caused by the update that you took recently. There might be some firmware error writing during you OTA update.
This should be fixed by flashing official firmware.

Open a ticket at the seller and get an exchange or refund.

I have the same problem. Did you solve this issue?

try this onw [worked for me]

  1. factory reset
  2. block auto update [setting–>apps and notification–>show all apps–>(search for something like “update wireless” delete cache and force shutdown and stop it completely.

mine is always on night mode so maybe it helps with the colors maybe not.
this helped me.

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Thanks, but it did not worked. I returned it to the store. They will send me a new one.

for other people.
I have noticed that the solution above only workes on some of the stuff so I googled more and what seem to completely fix it is to go to settings–>apps–>show all apps–> 3 dots above–>system procedurs/processes (somthing like that) → Android System Webview
stop it and than shut it down and maybe even limit battery use (in advanced)

this one is more accurate than what I advice earlier above

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