HiPad X freezes

I bought a few of these Chuwi HiPad X tablets to give to my users to run a custom Cordova application. I am having a problem of modal windows freezing my app for 5 seconds or so. I tried it on a Galaxy Tab A8 and also on an Android phone. Both are running Android 11 and the app worked fine. The problem only occurs on the Chuwi HiPad X tablets that I have ordered, which also run Android 11.

It would be great if I can figure out what the difference is on this tablet. I went through all of the Developer Options in settings and they are pretty much the same. They both run on Android System WebView 102.0.5005.125. Both tablets are fully up to date with updates. There must be some option somewhere that I am missing, but I can’t find it.

Well, after looking in to it some more, my problem seems to have been caused by using Team Viewer and the Universal Add-On that needs to be installed for remote support. Has anyone else had this problem using TeamViewer on these tablets? Is there another Add-On that might work better with these tablets?