How can I hook up my Hi10x to my internet with ethernet?

I am hoping to use my tablet for a work from home position, but I need to try and hook my tablet to the internet with an ethernet cable? Most of the market for work from home jobs will not allow wireless internet connectivity.

I am hoping for someone that may have information with work from home jobs if this tablet passes the specs and qualifications for a work from home job.

I was wondering if there is a ethernet cable that is made for USB port?
Please let me know, I have a chromebook and unfortunately that is not accepted by the majority of work from home positions.

i think this adapter can solve your problem

If you only have the tablet (and not the keyboard), you may need a USB-C to ethernet adapter:

The one here also has additional USB ports, as well as better speeds. The item listed by MrN is only 10/100, which is a tenth of the speed most networks use now (gigabit).