USB-to-ethernet adapters on USB-C

Is the USB-C port on UBook equal to the other two USB A ports on the devices? Meaning I can connect anything to either one of them - including using the USB-C port to plug an USB-to-ethernet adapter there?

A partial answer.

I bought a Ethernet to us b converter. It worked with no issue. This was at the end of a seven metre cable from my router.

I also bought an USB-C to ethernet “adapter” the other day, namely this one:

It seems to work, although I had some issues figuring it out at first. Contrary to what I believed (i.e. that USB-C can be plugged in either way equally), it’s a bit different here: If I plug it in one way, I get a virtual CD with drivers, if I plug it in the other way, I get an ethernet adapter.

I am using not only a USB-C to Ethernet adapter, I am using a fully fletched USB-C hub with keyboard, mouse, ethernet and an external monitor and it works flawlessly, no matter which way I plug it in :slight_smile:

Sir, are you able to share screen to the projector?