How i buy a new keyboard

Suddently some keys stopped working .If I replace my current keyboard with another one, will still compatible?
I want to buy a new membrane for my old revision of chuwi, it was damaged
Is the same membrane compatible between the old version and the new revision
thanks for supporting

Just go to their web page and fill out the form to request technical support. You will later receive an e-mail from their ticketing system and luckily they will ask for your location so they can send you a new keyboard (check your spam folder).

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I needed a new charger for my gemibook.
Went through an odessey of dept to dept, finally got an answer, 40€ charger and 16 shipping!!! I can get one for 7€ free shipping.

Thank you for informing here:

In case someone else read and as Felince said very well explained.

We normally have repleacement parts.

If you want it:
Go to ,
Select your zone up right side(Europe/USA etcc)
Menu-Explore -Contact us- Aftersales Service
-Fill the form(is important to fill this and not write a simple email)

  • Write Maria, at the beginning (so my colleagues know i send you)
    -Dont forget to write your Serial Number /Where are you from/When did
    you buy it(warranty purpose)/Where did you buy it
  • My colleagues will answer you telling if we have stock or not and
    shipping prices and cost.
  • They answer normally in 48/72h, if not, write me and i will check in case it went to Spam.
  • If possible in English language (they dont understand any other language)

This is crucial for finding the compatible keyboard. Check the bottom of your laptop or the original purchase documents for the model name or number.