Problem with keyboard


I would like to know where I can buy a new keyboard for a Chuwi Corebook CWI542 because I cant find in any website.
If I cant buy a new official one, which one do you recommend?
Keyboard for Chuwi Hi13 works with my computer?

Thank you.

Write to if they have the keyboard.

There’s no point writing to them! Take a look at what they replied when I wrote to them that some keys are not working anymore. And btw, with “buy it again” they literally mean buy the whole package not only the keyboard.

On Sun, Jun 28, 2020, 04:42 <> wrote:

The keyboard is no longer sold separately. If the keyboard is broken, you can only buy it again. The keyboard cannot be repaired,



Sorry. Finally the keyboard of the hi13 works in the corebook?
I can’t find help in aftersale.